Daybreak: Cate Blanchett discusses 'The Monument Men'

Australian actress chats about playing alongside Clooney and Damon

The latest episode of 'Daybreak' featured an interview with one of the most famous actresses in the world. The Australian Cate Blanchett was appearing to promote 'The Monuments Men'; a movie about a group of men recruited to recover priceless art works from the Nazi regime during the Second World War, which also stars George Clooney and Matt Damon.

The showbiz reporter Ross King caught up with Blanchett recently, and before the interview was broadcast on 'Daybreak' described her as "delightful". He also described her as a "fashion icon" and it was clear of the esteem that he held the 44 year-old actress in before the interview got underway.

He firstly asked her if all of the praise that she receives ever gets too much for her and becomes a burden, a notion which Blanchett completely dismissed. She stated that it was "fantastic" to be an acclaimed actress and that she was "over the moon" to be perceived in such a positive way.

Blanchett's role in 'The Monuments Men' is an interesting one, as she plays a woman whom King described as "mousy"; by no means the sort of glamorous individual that Blanchett is generally perceived as. The actress stated that this was an essential part of her character, as the woman she played - named Claire Simone - was not suspected to be the sort of person capable of carrying out the acts that she did, which was a big part of how she got away with them. Blanchett stated that her image for the film was a big part of creating this apparently innocuous character.

She was also asked if there was a difference between working with George Clooney as an actor and director. She stated that this wasn't the case because he is always extremely engaged in what he's doing and very committed to doing the best job possible.

The actress also spoke about her role in 'Blue Jasmine'; a role for which she is widely expected to receive an Oscar. She told Ross King of the joy involved in playing alongside Sally Hawkins, an actress she said that Britain should be extremely proud of. Blanchett stated that one of the pleasures of making that movie was simply the opportunity to work with Sally, who she considers to be incredibly talented.

Ross King also briefly brought up Blanchett's Scottish ancestry, and it is clear that her family hails from all over the world. Based on the clip we saw in 'Daybreak', she evidently speaks pretty good French too.

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