David Bellamy: I was ousted from Beeb for not believing in climate change – Daily TV round-up

Botanist says that his views caused him to be frozen out from the corporation

TV botanist David Bellamy has claimed that he was ousted from the BBC because he did not believe in climate change.

Bellamy, who was a regular fixture on the BBC through the 80s and 90s, famously proclaimed that man-made global warming was 'poppycock'.

Bellamy... says his views on climate change froze him out of the BBC (Copyright: Rex)

“From that moment, I really wasn’t welcome at the BBC,” he told the Daily Mail. “They froze me out, because I don’t believe in global warming. My career dried up. I was thrown out of my own conservation groups and I got spat at in London.

“And it’s just nonsense. For the last 16 years, temperatures have been going down and the carbon dioxide has been going up and the crops have got greener and grow quicker.

“We’ve done plenty to smash up the planet, but there’s been no global warming caused by man.”

He was also dropped by the Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts after 52 years working together, following the 2004 remarks.

“I still say it’s poppycock!’ he snorts. “If you believe it, fine. But I don’t and there’s thousands like me. David Attenborough used to be one of us on wind farms, but then he changed his mind.”

It has since been reported, however, that Bellamy stopped making programmes for the BBC in 1994, 10 years before his controversial comments on climate change. [Daily Mail]

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