David Attenborough used chameleon as car alarm – Daily TV round-up

Sir David Attenborough has told how he used a chameleon to guard his car while filming a documentary in Madagascar.

Alarming news: Sir David used chameleon to protect car (Credit: Wireimage)

The broadcasting legend discovered a new use for the colour-changing creature, after he caught a particularly large specimen to bring back to London Zoo.

“When I was in Madagascar a few years ago we had a Land Rover and I caught one of these big ones in a cage,” he said.

“If this species gets angry it goes black and gets red stripes on it. One night our car was broken into and the window was smashed. So I put this big lizard on the steering wheel.

“I watched people come round and go, ‘Aaaargh!’. Nobody would dream of breaking into the car then. So they are useful.”

Attenborough is set to launch his new series 'Natural Curiosities' in January on the Eden Channel.

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