Countdown's Rachel Riley rapped over racey dress

Show bosses are angry over one particular outfit, according to reports

'Countdown's Rachel Riley has reportedly been given a dressing down over her outfits on the show.

The 26-year-old co-host, who replaced Carol Vorderman dealing out the vowels and consonants on the word and number quiz, is known for her short hemlines, tight dresses and high heels.

Riley... angered show bosses over dress choice (Copyright: Rex)

But now she's said to have fallen foul of show bosses for one particular outfit that was deemed inappropriate.

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A source told the Daily Mirror that 'Rachel was stunned to get a message that the outfit she had worn on a particular day had sent them into a rage'.

“She has been wearing the same sort of clothes for more than three years - but now if she is planning to introduce a new outfit into the mix she has to get the ok from on high before she’s allowed to go ahead,” the source added.

“The situation is bizarre when you consider the army of fans she’s built up since she joined.”

Riley, an Oxford graduate, took over from Vorderman on the long-running Channel 4 quiz in 2009 and has become a hot favourite with viewers. [Daily Mirror]

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