Corrie's Bill Roache predicts world will 'change dramatically' on 12 December in bizarre interview – Daily TV round-up

'Coronation Street' star Bill Roache reckons that the human race is moving on to a 'higher vibration' and that after 12 December the world will 'change dramatically'.

Roache, who's played Ken Barlow in the soap since 1960, made the comments about his beliefs in an interview with spiritual and metaphysical interest magazine 'Silent Voices'.

Bizarre beliefs: William Roache predicts changes for human race

He also says a homeopathic doctor once communicated with him using telepathy.

Speaking about the date of 12 December, which ancient civilisation the Mayans believed would signal a cataclysm on Earth, he said: “This will be the Golden Age, when a majority will know they are love and they are spiritual beings.

“The earth will continue to cleanse itself while material and negative things will collapse and cease to be.”

“I am not now, nor have I ever been a spiritualist” he added. “Understand we are all pure love, made in love, living in love. It is urgent to get this over. Time is running out.

“The energy and light of the Creator is love. Love is the life force, it is everything, it is the law of attraction. I have always known that there are beings around me, loving and guiding, and never more so than now.”

After his experience with telepathy, he went on to say that we shall all communicate in this way in the future.

“He was able to appear on the astral plane, come into a dream and actually speak to me that way,” he said of the doctor.

It's not the first time that Roache has spoken about his unorthodox beliefs.

In January this year, he said that he had used animal psychic Jackie Weaver to communicate with his dog Poppy.

“Jackie said Poppy even did an impersonation of my on-screen wife Deirdre, saying, 'Oh, Ken' in a drawn-out, exasperated way,” he said.

“I wasn't aware she'd ever watched me in the show.” [Daily Mirror/The Sun]

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