Coronation Street twist reveals Betty’s secret – Daily TV round-up

Spoiler alert! The late Betty Williams will be revealed as the true landlady of the Rover’s Return in a shock ‘Coronation Street’ twist that will see current landlady Stella Price fighting to keep hold of the famous pub.

It will emerge that Betty, played by the late Betty Driver, was left the pub in the will of Annie Walker, the original landlady of the pub when the show began in 1960.

Stella, played by Michelle Collins, will then be joined by her 'battleaxe' mother, to be played by 'Royle Family' star Sue Johnston, to try and lay claim to the tenancy.

“She's a terrifying, domineering, overbearing mother, so there's going to be some real sparks flying,” said ‘Corrie’ boss Phil Collinson.

“Betty has carried this secret and never took up this bequest. So she's left this bombshell for Stella, especially in terms of who owns the pub now and what happens going forward.”

In another sensational plot soon to hit Weatherfield, veteran character Rita is set to be kidnapped on her wedding day, as she is about to marry Dennis Tanner.

The episode will air on 4 June. [The Sun]

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