Coronation Street to be widened – Daily TV round-up

Road can currently only fit one car on the cobbled carriageway

Coronation Street is to be widened when it moves to its new studio.

Previously the famous cobbled street had only been able to let one car past its corner-house pub The Rovers Return.

The Rovers... soon to have a double carriageway outside (Copyright: Rex)

But for the first time, the road will be widened to be able to accommodate two cars at its bigger set in Salford's Media City development.

The new houses on the street will be larger too. They are currently one-third scale replica houses, meaning that actors and crew have to squeeze into limited space, but the new ones will be full-size.

“There will probably be loads of scenes written in with two cars passing each other,” said Antony Cotton, who plays Sean Tully.

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“They will be using exactly the same formation of cobbles as are in the current set but the street will be wider. At the moment only one car can go down.

“We have gone from two episodes to three episodes a week to five... making double the volume in the same studio facilities. So things have had to change. We will have four sound stages at the new facility compared with the two we have now.”

The Corrie set is expected to be ready in early 2014, nearly a year behind schedule. [Daily Mirror]

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