Coronation Street: Tina packs her bags

But will she really leave Weatherfield behind?

08 January 2013: After her recent affair with slimy love-cheat Peter Barlow, it looks as though Tina is ready to leave Coronation Street behind her once and for all. But will her ultimatum make any difference to Peter? Will he really tell Carla the truth to keep Tina in Weatherfield? I think it's safe to say that Peter only looks out for number one… but will she really leave everything behind? It looks as though she could do with a clean break.

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After being caught out due to Peter's unhappy client, it looks as though slimy Barlow has shown his true colours. Ready and willing to lie through his teeth to his new wife, Carla, it looks as though Tina is sickened by his actions. And then it hits her - it's about time Peter was given an ultimatum. Tina explains that if he tells Carla the truth, she'll stay in Weatherfield… otherwise, she's leaving. But will he choose Tina?

Obviously, Liz is appalled when Tina explains what's gone on… and she can't believe that Tina has given Peter another chance. "He is not just gonna ditch Carla," she says. "I know blokes and ultimatum's never mix. Peter wants to have his cake and eat it - that man never changes."

Pleading with Tina to break it off and get rid of Barlow for good, I can't help thinking Liz is onto something. After all, Tina should never have gotten involved with him in the first place. But will Peter convince her otherwise?

Meanwhile, it looks as though Michelle isn't pregnant… but she certainly doesn't want to risk it again. "I won't apologise for not being pregnant," she says. And while Steve admits he got carried away with the idea, she definitely doesn't want to risk having any more children.

And it seems it's down to Steve to ensure that never happens - by getting a vasectomy.

"I was thinking," she says. "And this is only a thought… but how would you feel about having… you know what." Obviously, Steve is horrified and soon confides in his new buddy Andrea. But what does she think of all this?

"You need to nip this in the bud," she says. "If you don't want this, you've got to say so." It seems she thinks Steve should stand up to Michelle. But what will Michelle say if Steve refuses?

Elsewhere, David and Kylie have settled back in at Number 8… and they're soon back to their old tricks when it comes to winding up Gail. With both of them heading out to work, Gail complains that the house is a tip since David's been back. "What an earth do you call this?" she says as they make a quick escape. "You'll tidy up now." But it seems they just haven't got time - especially with getting Max to school.

Knowing she's bound to clear up, David leaves a list of her good and bad points for her to find. But will Gail see the funny side? It looks as though she might have her own plans to get one over on them…

Outside in the alleys behind Coronation Street, Peter reveals that he's made his big decision. And it looks as though he's completely unwilling to leave Carla. "I don't have to jump just because you say so," he says. "It just wouldn't work… I don't need more time - a couple of days, couple of weeks. My answer would still be the same. I don't love you."

Obviously, Tina is absolutely gutted. But while she says she doesn't believe him, I'm sure part of her knew this was coming. "You're saying this is over?" she asks… and his smug face says it all. "I'm saying t never began."

Realising that Liz was right (and that she needs to make a clean break from Peter) she packs her bags and prepares to leave Weatherfield for good. But will she really go?

Will Tina leave Coronation Street for good? Will Carla find out what's happened?

Ryan Leston is a TV addict from Cardiff and has been watching soaps since Mike Baldwin owned the knicker factory. His favourite soap is Coronation Street and his favourite character is Norris Cole. But he's not that fussed on Hollyoaks. Follow Ryan Leston on Twitter or Facebook.

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