Coronation Street: Stella hits the bottle

But can her family drag her out of this downward spiral?

16 September 2013: It's just one thing after another for Coronation Street's Stella as she finds herself under the microscope after Karl's evil scheme was revealed. Arrested for murder and carted off by the police, it looks as though her troubles have only just begun as the rest of the street are convinced she must have known something. With her former-friends turning their backs on her, everyone's favourite landlady seeks comfort at the bottom of a bottle…

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It's been a tough for days for poor old Stella. Not only has she found out that her husband was an evil, manipulative murdering scumbag, but now she has to deal with the fact that the rest of Coronation Street is convinced she knew more than she's letting on.

Obviously, she had no idea… but faced with the angry faces of neighbours and former friends, it looks as though there's nowhere for her to go but down. And as she sinks into a pit of depression, it seems the only comfort she'll find is at the bottom of a bottle. Knocking them back as she works the bar, it looks as though she's hitting it a bit hard.

But while the locals are up in arms about Karl's murderous ways, Jason stands up for his former lover. "What Karl did… she's not responsible for that." And it seems he's even there to offer a sympathetic ear. "If you want to talk," he says... but Stella isn't interested. And as she knocks back another voddie, it looks as though the time for talking is over.

Meanwhile, Sally is still feeling spurned after Tim refused to accompany her to the wedding… and she decides to play it cool when she spots him over at the pub. "I think you've got the wrong idea about me," she tells Tim. "I don't want anything series… I'm single, you're single." But will her suddenly casual attitude really work?

Over at Dev's, he's happy to be spending some time with Addy and Asha… but it looks as though he's got a hard time ahead of him too. "Telling them their mother died in that fire was the hardest thing I've ever had to do," he tells Mary. "Now I have to tell them she was murdered." But does he really have to go through with that? Or should he let Sunita's memory rest?

Elsewhere, Fiz takes Hayley back home to the café… and it looks as though she really has taken on too much too soon. "I'm not okay Roy, I've got terminal cancer." But as she snaps at poor Roy for showing his concern, it's obvious that she just wants to get things back to normal. "My body's not up to it yet, that's what I'm cross with," she explains. "Not you."

Back at the pub, Stella continues to knock them back… and it's obvious that while the rest of the street is giving her a hard time, she's definitely not coping. "You need to tell her to take it easy," Jason says to Eva… but Stella is having none of it. "Will you stop telling me what to do," she slurs. But will anyone get through to her?

"What happened wasn't your fault," says Jason as he desperately tries to help Stella. But it seems only Dev can make her see sense.

"You need to listen to him," he says. "We need to talk."

Heading out the back, she's desperate to get away from everything… and it's obvious that she still can't face Dev. But what does he have to say?

"You can't keep punishing yourself over what he did - you had no control over it, you didn't know about it and you couldn't prevent it. You can't blame yourself… you did nothing wrong."

Breaking down in floods of tears, it seems that poor Stella thinks she doesn't deserve his compassion. And after everything she's been through, Dev is horrified that Karl continues to wreak havoc on the street. But will he be able to help her out of this terrible pit of despair?

Can Dev help Stella to recover? Will she stop drinking and listen to her friends and family?

Ryan Leston is a TV addict from Cardiff and has been watching soaps since Mike Baldwin owned the knicker factory. His favourite soap is Coronation Street and his favourite character is Norris Cole. But he's not that fussed on Hollyoaks. Follow Ryan Leston on Twitter or Facebook.

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