Coronation Street set denied listed status – Daily TV round-up

The set of 'Coronation Street' has been denied listed status, according to reports.

It was hoped that the famous cobbled street in Manchester would be protected and then used as a tourist attraction after filming moves to a new location next year.

But British Heritage has said that it can't be given the status because it's not old enough.

A spokesperson said: "The oldest buildings are just less than 30 years old - and most do not have interiors and therefore exist as facades, most of which have been altered.

"The set as it stands today is an active reminder of the long-running television programme, rather than a survival of an earlier era of television productions."

They added: "While listing is not appropriate for the set, a better solution could be for a local group or organisation with an interest to care for it and allow Corrie fans from all over the world to visit and enjoy it."

Filming of the soap is to move to a new set situated within the Media City site in Salford later this year.

The studio previously operated as a tourist attraction in 1988, however, it closed to the public in 2001 due to the increased filming schedule.

An ITV spokesperson said: "ITV continues to consider the future use of the Coronation Street set ahead of our planned move to MediaCity."

[The Sun/BBC News]

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