Coronation Street: Roy struggles to cope with Hayley’s cancer

But will he come through for her in the end?

24 July 2013: After the devastating news that Hayley has pancreatic cancer, it seems that Coronation Street's resident anorak is struggling to cope… or rather, Roy is just managing to cling on by being his usual pragmatic self. But with all sorts going through poor Hayley's mind, the only thing she needs is for Roy to be there for her. But will he be able to handle it?

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It's the morning after Hayley broke the staggering news that she has pancreatic cancer… and it looks as though Roy is barely coping. Awaking to find him sleepwalking once again (and scrubbing the table tops downstairs in the café) Hayley knows the news has hit him hard.

Later that day, it looks as though Roy has resorted to the only thing he knows how - being his usual practical self and looking up every bit of information he can find. "The volume of information available to us is overwhelming," he explains. "Personal stories, statistics, endorsements, theories… the one thing that rings out loud and clear with the treatment of any cancer - time is of the essence."

Of course, Roy is only doing what he thinks is needed. But as usual, he fails to see the bigger picture. Hayley is scared and his findings only seem to make things worse… even though she pretends everything is fine. But with a hospital appointment later that day, will he finally come through for her?

Meanwhile, Carla and Deirdre have a bit of a heart-to-heart about Peter's recent financial difficulties… and the staggering blow of losing the bookies. "It's Peter," Carla explains. "He's got this face on him like everything's an effort. And I try to cajole him out of it but I'm not good at that stuff… the martyred look is doing my head in." But Deirdre explains that losing the bookies has battered his confidence… and he doesn't feel like her equal anymore.

Of course, that gives Carla an idea. "I know exactly what I'm going to do," she explains before running off to find Peter. But what does she have in mind?

Elsewhere, Paul continues to take the brunt of being labelled a racist… and I get the feeling it's about to spill over into his professional life. Heading to work to give a statement about his run-in with those hoax callers, Paul is under enough pressure as it is. But yet-another sly dig from Sophie Webster is enough to tip him over the edge.

"There's our local racist," she sneers after spotting Paul across the road. "You really are a good advert for Christianity," Eileen replies. But Paul is a bit more abrupt. "You want to keep your mouth shut," he shouts. But Sophie is dragged off before it can escalate. "How did it get to this?" Paul asks… but I get the feeling it's going to get a lot worse.

Back at the café, Hayley has decided to go in to work… but Roy continues to feverishly research her condition. "He's not come up for air," says Anna, not knowing what's going on. But Sylvia is quick to jump to his defence. "Perhaps he's got problems of his own," she explains. And when he rushes off to the library, it looks as though he might not be around for Hayley's procedure later that day. But will he come through for her in the end?

When Hayley arrives back at the café to find Roy nowhere in sight, it looks as though she may have to head to the hospital all by herself. "He's not here? Today of all days?" But while Sylvia offers her support, Hayley decides she's fine… and heads off for her procedure alone. But will Roy make it to the hospital in time? Of course he does… and he even manages one of the sweetest scenes in Coronation Street for a very long time.

Dressed in a hospital gown awaiting her procedure, Roy finally realises that it's affecting her a lot more than he thought. "You're upset," he notices… but as he continues to tell her about the pioneering treatment he's found, it's obvious how scared she really is. "Will you hold me?" she asks. "Of course, he replies. "Always." And as she heads in for surgery, Roy hold her hand tightly. But will she be alright?

Will Hayley recover with treatment? Can Roy's research help her condition?

Ryan Leston is a TV addict from Cardiff and has been watching soaps since Mike Baldwin owned the knicker factory. His favourite soap is Coronation Street and his favourite character is Norris Cole. But he's not that fussed on Hollyoaks. Follow Ryan Leston on Twitter or Facebook.

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