Coronation Street: Nick realises that David knows the truth

But will he confront him about it?

05 August 2013: After all the stress at the bistro lately, Coronation Street's Nick Tilsley seems to be at breaking point. He's on the verge of losing his business and now the unknown saboteur has managed to get under Leanne's skin and is obviously trying to ruin their relationship. At his wits end, Nick is desperate to find out who's been setting him up… and a chance encounter with Tina reveals his nemesis could be a lot closer to home than he thought.

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Despite convincing Leanne that it was all a load of lies, the poison pen letter seems to have Nick running scared. And for good reason - with knowledge of what he and Kylie had got up to on Christmas night, it looks as though his saboteur has a lot more on him than he first thought.

"Do you know who's doing this?" Leanne asks. But Nick is quick to snap at her. "No," he replies. "Because if I did, I'd be doing something about it." Clearly rattled by these troubling events, Nick starts to take it out on those around him… and it looks as though David's evil scheme is working. But will Nick find out what's really been going on?

Bumping into David across the street, he asks for a hand to pick up some wine from a new supplier after work. But I get the feeling that isn't going to go quite to plan…

Meanwhile, Rob and Tracy are getting ready for the not-so-grand opening of their new shop. But with those stolen goods hanging over Tracy's head, it looks as though her family are a bit dubious about this new venture. "What happened to all that dodgy gear?" asks Deirdre… but apparently Rob has sorted it. Worried that they could have been raided by the police, it looks as though Tracy has a lot to prove. Not that she'd ever admit that.

And when it comes to the grand opening, Tracy starts to wonder how much say she has in this new business of theirs. "It feels great," Rob explains. "It feels like I'm back in the game." But Tracy isn't exactly impressed that he only seems to be thinking of himself. "We're a partnership," she adds… and she's keen to remind him that she's his equal. But does Rob really feel the same?

Elsewhere, David is growing increasingly unhinged as he blurts out his feelings to an unsuspecting Tina. "He's getting what he deserves," David reveals. But I don't think there are many of us who would agree. "He suffers and we live happily ever after," he adds before storming off. But not before Nick notices what happened…

After a quick word with Tina, the whole truth comes tumbling out… and Nick realises that his little brother is the one who's been trying to ruin his life. "He found out Kylie slept with someone else at Christmas," she explains. "He won't tell me who it was, but he's already planning revenge." But will Nick confront him about it?

After work, the two of them head off in the van to Nick's supplier… and it's the perfect opportunity for Nick to talk to him about what's happened. "There's a difference between lying and not telling the truth," says Nick as they talk about each other in veiled terms. But it's obvious where this is all heading. "I slept with Kylie," he reveals. "I know it's you - your campaign against me, your revenge." But what will David do next?

Will Leanne get to the bottom of Nick's one night stand with Kylie? Will Nick realise who's been trying to sabotage him?

Ryan Leston is a TV addict from Cardiff and has been watching soaps since Mike Baldwin owned the knicker factory. His favourite soap is Coronation Street and his favourite character is Norris Cole. But he's not that fussed on Hollyoaks. Follow Ryan Leston on Twitter or Facebook.

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