Coronation Street: Friends and family are rocked by Hayley’s death

How will Roy cope with the loss of his wife?

22 January 2014: After finally coming to the end of her battle with cancer, Coronation Street's Hayley Cropper has ended her own life with Roy by her side. But as Anna and Carla realise what's happened, it's obvious that there are going to be some awkward questions. But will Roy be able to cope? He's been as strong as he can so far, but with the loss of the woman he loves, can he really keep himself together?

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It's a sad day for Coronation Street as the much-loved café owner Hayley Cropper comes to the end of her battle with cancer… and ends her own life. Determined to not let the cancer get the better of her, it was a heart-breaking decision to end her life. And now it looks as though poor old Roy will have to live with her decision.

After realising something was wrong, Carla and Anna burst into their room and find Roy holding Hayley next to him in bed… squeezing her lifeless hand. "I was going to come and see her earlier," says Carla. "She looks so peaceful. No more pain." Of course, she quickly puts two and two together when Anna takes away the empty glass at Hayley's bedside.

"Someone should phone her GP or something," says Carla. And Anna agrees. Knowing what really happened, Anna and Carla start to organise things… and somebody has to let Fiz know what's happened. But Roy stays there with Hayley until the doctor arrives.

Anna soon heads to The Rovers to tell Fiz what's happened… and when she downs a drink in front of Owen, it's clear she's shaken. "Fiz," she says. "I'm so sorry. It's Hayley…" But as Fiz and Tyrone rush over the café, Anna breaks the news to her friends. "It's Hayley… She's passed away."

Meanwhile, Nick is making an extra-special effort to spoil Leanne. After all, he has a lot of making up to do after everything that's happened lately. But as he runs her a nice relaxing bath and cooks her a beautiful meal, Leanne tries her hardest to be enthusiastic… even if it's increasingly obvious that her heart's just not in it. And when Nick kisses her, hoping to put a bit of passion back in their relationship, he's gutted that she's not interested. But will they ever repair their broken relationship?

Elsewhere, Sophie is on a warpath as she realises her 'pal' Maddie might just have her mum's gold watch… and when she approaches her at the soup kitchen, it becomes clear what Maddie is all about. "If it means that much to her, maybe she ought to be offering a reward or summat," she says. "I mean, you can't expect folk to help find it for nothing can you?" She's certainly got some front as she explains she'll 'help' Sophie find it for £50. But while Sophie is obviously shocked, will she stump up the cash?

Back at the café, Roy is struggling to come to terms with what's happening. And as the doctor hands him Hayley's death certificate, he can barely utter a word. "I think perhaps we need to make arrangements for Hayley," says Carla. "We need to phone the undertaker." But poor Roy doesn't quite get it and wants Hayley to remain there. "It's what happens," explains Fiz. "But they'll look after her, I promise they will." As the undertakers arrive, Roy is clearly not coping. And as the realisation sets in that he's lost the woman he loves, he has to say his goodbyes one last time. "Goodnight, my love." But will he cope with what's to come?

Ryan Leston is a TV addict from Cardiff and has been watching soaps since Mike Baldwin owned the knicker factory. His favourite soap is Coronation Street and his favourite character is Norris Cole. But he's not that fussed on Hollyoaks. Follow Ryan Leston on Twitter or Facebook.

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