Coronation Street: Corrie killers

As Karl becomes the latest Corrie killer, we look back at the other murderers who've stalked the cobbles...

The devastating blaze at the Rovers Return has left the entire street rocked by the death of Sunita Alahan. But how will her friends react when they find out she was murdered? Of course, she isn't the first to fall foul of the 'Coronation Street' killers… and while it may seem like a safe, close-knit community, the cobbled streets of Weatherfield have already seen their fair share of cold-blooded killers…

Karl Munro - Body count: 2 (so far)

The recent exploits of Karl Munro have propelled him from devious chancer to despicable murderer… and all for the woman he loves. In a desperate attempt to win back Stella, he set fire to the Rovers Return so he could blame it on her hapless boyfriend, Jason. But everything went pear-shaped when Sunita caught him in the act. While the blaze engulfed everyone's favourite boozer, Karl left poor Sunita to die alone in the basement… but it was his hospital bedside visit that finally put the nail in her coffin.

John Stape - Body count: 3

When John Stape first arrived on Coronation Street, it seemed like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth. But things started to get out of hand for this quiet, young teacher when he kidnapped one of his students… Of course, the real trouble began when he hid the body of his recently deceased friend in the nearby knicker factory - and assumed his identity so he could get back into teaching. But it didn't take long for his partner-in-crime to start blackmailing him… and that was her fatal mistake. After bludgeoning Charlotte to death with a hammer, he covered up her murder amidst the infamous tram crash. And as he blundered his way from one murder to the next, also seeing off his first victim's mother, you could almost feel sorry for the guy. Almost.

Tony Gordon - Body count: 2

When it comes to killing with style, it's the suave businessman Tony Gordon who really takes the cake. After realising that his wife, Carla, had been having an affair with her ex-brother-in-law, he called upon his henchmen to have poor Liam killed. But in a cruel twist, Tony eventually paired up with Liam's wife… and proposed to her while they visited Liam's grave. Of course, things began to unravel when she eventually found him out, and in the famous 'Underworld Siege', Tony revealed his true colours. After escaping from prison, he used his fellow inmate to help him take hostages and held them up in the factory he used to own. But it wasn't long before they turned on each other… and Tony's friend ended up with a bullet in his chest.

Stubbed out: Tracy Barlow bumped off cheating boyfriend Charlie (Credit: ITV)

Tracy Barlow - Body count: 1

If you're a fan of 'Coronation Street', I'm sure you already know all about the deliciously devious Tracy Barlow. After finding out that her boyfriend, Charlie, had cheated on her, Tracy spent several weeks manipulating her neighbours - and made them all believe that Charlie was a violent man. In a ruthless and calculated attack, she clubbed him over the head with a nearby statue… and placed a knife at the scene to make it look like self-defence. But while she was eventually caught out, the residents of Weatherfield should beware as due to a technicality she was released from prison early and has since returned to the street…

Richard Hillman - Body count: 3… but could have been a lot worse.

Probably the most famous killer on Coronation Street, Richard Hillman was described as 'Norman Bates with a briefcase'. The smart and incredibly smarmy financial advisor racked up a number of kills as he tried to fit in on the street… and by plotting the murder of elderly clients he planned to take possession of their homes in their wills. Having successfully despatched of his ex-wife as well as local hairdresser Maxine Peacock, Richard failed to see off cuddly local Emily Bishop, despite whacking her over the head with a crowbar. But while that might seem like an all-time low, the worst was yet to come. Backed into a corner and rapidly running out of time, he decided that suicide was the only option… and he planned to take his family with him. After kidnapping his wife, her children and even her granddaughter, he tied them up in the back of his car. It was only down to their quick-thinking neighbours that they didn't share his fate… at the bottom of the nearby canal.

With so many murderous neighbours, you'd think the streets of Weatherfield would be empty by now. But it seems everyone loves a good villain… and if you ask me, the killers of Coronation Street are in a class of their own.

Which was your favourite Corrie Killer? How long do you think Karl can get away with it?

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