Concern for Bill Turnbull as he takes over a month off Breakfast – Daily TV round-up

Co-host has not been on the sofa since beginning of October.

'Breakfast' host Bill Turnbull has been struck down by illness, it has emerged.

The 57-year-old presenter, who's been the show's co-anchor since 2008, has not been seen alongside Susanna Reid on the show's sofa since October 2.

Charlie Stayt, who usually co-hosts the show towards the end of the week, has been filling in Bill's shifts since then.

Details of the illness have not been disclosed, but he is said to be recovering at home in Buckinghamshire.

A source on the show told the Daily Mirror: “He hasn’t been well but is on the mend. Fans shouldn’t worry too much, we are confident he will be back on TV soon.”

A spokesperson for the BBC added: “Bill Turnbull has been suffering from a short-term illness. He is on the mend and will be back with us very soon.”

Usually a regular tweeter, his account had not been used since October 12, but he sent a message to fans this morning reading:

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