Christmas soaps preview 2012

One of these intro sentences is a lie, can you guess which: It looks like it could be a case of ‘Marry Christmas’ when Nick and Leanne walk down the aisle on ‘Corrie’.  Cameron is forced to kill again on ‘Emmerdale’ and there’s a lovely, warm happy festive season where nothing at all goes wrong in ‘Enders’.

Unhappy Christmas: Leanne has second thoughts in Corrie (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street
It may have seemed a stupid idea at the time, but Nick’s plan to run off to get married in Las Vegas begins to look more sensible by the day. After all, as Nick already knows, Leanne’s a bit fickle when it comes to matters of the heart. She falls in love like Peter falls into the Rovers – often but never with good results.

So by the time we get to her hen do, Peter is tormenting Nick by playing happy families with Leanne and Simon – and then he pushes it further. He tells Leanne that he’s always loved her and that they should get back together. At least until he next sees Carla.

Leanne keeps her lid on her emotions, for a while. And she gets dressed up in her wedding dress. But while she looks lovely it’s clear she is forcing herself down the aisle.

Still, she takes Nick’s hand in hers and prepares to say “I do”. Can she go through with it? And if she can’t, will she get back with Peter? And if she does ruin the service can she ever make it up to him?

Also this festive period: Nick and Leanne’s isn’t the only wedding in town. Tyrone’s living nightmare with abusive Kirsty will come to an end, if he can get her down the aisle. But he’s determined to spend Christmas with the woman he loves – Fiz. Can he keep their clandestine meetings secret? And when he fixes Fiz’s boiler and she ends up in hospital because of a leak, can he afford to own up? Is the leak all that it seems? Questions, questions.

Meanwhile David, having clearly never met Kylie, reckons he’s got the upper hand, believing she will soon back down and agree to his demands for a baby. But when he pushes his wife too far has he scored an own-goal and sent Kylie running into the arms of another man? This one, we can answer: “Yes. Yes, he has.” It’s just the identity of the mystery man that needs to be revealed.

Unholy night: The Brannings have a devastating Christmas in EastEnders (Credit: BBC)

Right, so there’s a lot about this one we can’t reveal. So let’s start with the family who seem to be at the centre of things: The Brannings. And just by coincidence, as in ‘Corrie’ there’s a will they/won’t they wedding to plan.

We begin with Max and Tanya ruefully surveying the destructive path that Lauren’s alcohol-fuelled meltdown caused. Cake is trodden into the carpet, and Tanya’s wedding dress is completely ruined.

Lauren meanwhile is disgusted at herself and she regrets ruining her parent’s big day. This is just the start of their problems, though. Because someone is about to stick his big nose into their affairs – that’s right, Derek.

Max tells his brother that they’ll have a family Christmas together – and then he wants nothing to do with Derek ever again. Riled, Derek makes a phone call that will change Max’s life forever.

From here on the details we can reveal are a bit hazy. We can’t tell you what the secret actually is, but we do know it has something to do with Max’s secret in Manchester.

And we also know that it rips the family apart and… Derek ends up dead. Yes, Christmas day is the end of the much loved gangster! Hurrah! But who kills him? And why?

Also this festive period: In The Vic, Alfie is utterly devastated but he soldiers on for Tommy’s sake. However, despite putting on a smile, when he’s centre of attention in The Vic, Alfie’s heart is broken and he struggles to hold things together. Mind you, Roxy encourages him to have some bubbly and suggestively says be careful where you stand as she positions herself under the mistletoe. So, one thing leads to another and after Christmas Day together, Roxy and Alfie have a drink in the evening. Unable to deny the chemistry between them, Roxy tells Alfie she loves him…but does he love her?

Also, there’s a christening and two proposals for Sharon to get through. Phil is now determined to be a dedicated father figure to Lola’s daughter  (Poor Lola. Actually, poor Ben). He intends to keep Lexi and buys her the most enormously expensive Christening dress for a New Year’s Day event. He decides that getting back together with Sharon would make it the perfect start to the New Year. Little does he know that the smitten Jack is terrified of losing Sharon and has proposed to her on a whim. Quite a choice: Which family would you chose to join? The murderous Mitchells or the murderous Brannings? (Obviously, you and everyone else not in Soap Land would go for Jack)

No joy to the world: Cameron buries a body in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

What a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive - and murder. It’s Christmas Eve and what has Cameron got wrapped up in his van? Why it’s Alex who he is holding captive because he told him that he’d killed Carl. How lovely.

And when his prisoner manages to hack his way through the side of the van with a piece of rusty metal, it looks like his day isn’t going to get any better at all. But can he really go through with killing him?

Well, no. Not initially. Alex talks him into untying his legs – and then makes a run for it. But that just means that Cameron can spend some time hunting him down in a dark wood. So by the time Christmas arrives Cameron has killed again – but is it the man we think it is? Or is there a shocking twist?

Also this festive season: Alicia is delighted when she returns and finds her fake husband David wrapping up a present. Maybe all the dreams she had when she was banged up were true. Maybe he does love her after all. And when she sneaks a look and sees it’s a posh bracelet, she couldn’t be more thrilled. Until the big day, when she rips open her present from him and discovers it is a cheap pen set. Later in the pub, the nib is twisted in the wound, as she sees Priya wearing the lovely bracelet.  Bravely she tells David that he should be with the woman he loves. But when they fly off on a skiing holiday, it’s not just her heart that is broken, it’s also the heart of poor little Jacob. Won’t someone think of the children?

And Katie is struggling trying to get over the accident – and to help out Declan is smothering her with love and affection. Unfortunately, there’s a complication which means she’s rushed to hospital again. The result is that she’s infertile. Can Declan still love her even though she can’t make him a dad?

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