Christmas soap preview 2011

Coronation Street

It’s a blue, blue Christmas at the Barlows following the news that Tracy has lost her twins. But Steve arrives bearing gifts and smiles. He tells Tracy that he loves her and the only person to blame for the loss of the babies is Becky.

He’s also made some big decisions – he’s told Stella he’s selling the Rovers and bought Lloyd’s house  so they can live as a family. (Imagine the estate agents’ notes – “Bijoux house, good for the tram – almost too good sometimes, very safe area - apart from the occasional kidnap”). And then he pulls out a ring and proposes to a delighted Tracy.

In contrast, Becky lies alone in her flat after telling everyone she’s been invited elsewhere. She heads out to the shop where she runs into Steve in the street. He delights in telling her the “good news” and she returns to the flat to drink herself unconscious. Ah, Christmas.

She burns photos of her and Steve – but begins passing out without putting out the embers. A festive fire breaks out and smoke begins billowing from the flat.

Nick has gone to check on her, when he’s discovered she’s not taken up the Croppers’ invite after all and sees it. He kicks the door in after calling the fire brigade – but has he got there in time?

Also this Christmas
: It’s Sophie and Sian’s big day – but will they really go through with their plan? And if they do, can Kevin sit and watch? And Chesney realises that looking after a baby isn’t easy. Dur.


Anything ‘Corrie’ can do, ‘Enders’ can do in a more depressing way. Speaking of fires, the B&B goes up in smoke and when the flames are doused, a cast member lies dead.  Who is it? We’re not allowed to say. We know that it is to do with the big Christmas plot – Masood attempting to rescue Zainab and Kamil from master-manipulator Yusef’s clutches.

Things begin well and after some nifty detective work, Masood and Zainab manage to track down their son Kamil and plot to spirit him away from the evil man’s clutches.

With part of their mission accomplished, the pair share a tender kiss on Christmas Eve. And while you’re saying “Aww bless, they’re made for each other” there’s at least one person who disagrees – and actually another - Jane. Unfortunately, she’s the one who sees them.

But then, Yusef, realising he’s losing her and desperate to stop her running away, drugs Zainab again. She tries to sneak out even so and he hits the roof. The full extent of his evil is seen by Afia who witnesses him yelling and beating his wife.

Determined that he’s gone mad, she helps Masood snatch Kamil from his clutches. And just as Zainab escapes and runs into them at the B&B, it looks like everything is going to be rosy – but then Yusef gets hold of her and tells her he’ll never let go. There follows a fight and explosions.

Also this week: Phil’s stalker strikes again, Bianca returns to the square and organises a Christmas party and Pat is given some expected news when she visits the hospital.  Well, expected if you’ve been reading the newspapers recently.


Chrimbo. The time for family. At least, it should be – but Amy’s new family doesn’t appear to be taking it very well. We did worry that she was railroaded into taking baby Kyle home when she didn’t really want to – and now it looks like the decision is getting too much for her.

The pressure continues to increase as she struggles to look after the little tot. She thinks she’s being useless and Val is not helping by doing everything for her.

The Dingles arrive en masse to have a look at the baby – but their visit – and constant repetition of the words “mother and son” freaks out Amy. She can’t even hold the little one properly. Pollard does the right thing and advises Val to take a step back and so Amy is left alone to bath the baby.

But as she’s cleaning him, she’s overcome by a flood of emotions and stops paying attention. Val rushes in in the nick of time to catch Kyle before he slips under the water. 

Embarrassed and shocked, Amy flees the room. Victoria follows her and Amy eventually voices her fears, that she is not good enough to be a mother to Kyle.  Driven by fear, Amy makes a final decision over Kyle’s future – she’s giving him up. But can she really do that to poor Kyle?

Also this week: Charity goes to Cain with an indecent proposal to try and keep Jai out of jail. But will Cain go for it?