Changes to The Voice will see judges 'steal' each other's acts – Daily TV round-up

Contestants who aren't chosen for finals can be poached by other mentors

Changes to the format of 'The Voice' will see judges able to 'steal' acts from their rivals.

During the show's 'battle' stages, when the coaches select their line-up for the live shows, losing contestants can then be 'stolen' by other judges.

The Voice... judges will be able to steal other acts (Copyright: Rex)

There will also only be three live shows during the next series, after it appeared that audiences fell following the show's selection process, when the judges listened to auditions 'blind', with their chairs turned away from the singers.

In addition, there will be a tough new knockout round in which each contestant will choose a 'killer song' to perform.

If their song is deemed the best, it could knock out all the other hopefuls in their mentor's group.

“We can't wait for The Voice UK to return to Saturday nights,” said the show's executive producer Moira Ross.

“With our four global superstars back on board, an unrivalled standard of vocal talent and the added excitement of the 'Steals' and 'Knockouts', it is set to be an extraordinary series.”

The show returns at the end of March, with judges Tom Jones, Danny O'Donoghue, and Jessie J back on the swivel chairs. [The Sun/Newsbeat]

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