Casualty: Sam and Tom get engaged!

When Robyn rerails Tom's proposal plans, Sam leaps into action and pops the question herself in the episode Three's A Crowd

26 October 2013: As marriage proposals go, it was terrible. You've got Tom in a grump, Sam with an uncooked pizza, the venue was that dreary pub they always go to, and the whole thing took place with Jeff ogling them through the window.

But hey, sound the trumpets and ring the bells: there's a 'Casualty' wedding on the way. Tom and Sam are getting married!

Exciting. But not half as exciting as the first five minutes of this episode, when Bradley from 'EastEnders' hurtles through a ceiling clutching a bag full of stolen money. Yep, Charlie Clements is back on TV, playing one half of the most action-packed plumbing duo since the Super Mario Brothers.

Jake (Charlie) and his dad Graham are rushed into hospital with broken this, broken that, and the bag of loot. Unfortunately for them, the money's owner is a hard-man called Paul (Michael McKell) who follows them to the ED to get it back. It's as if they slotted an East End gangster into the show to make Charlie Clements feel at home.

Meanwhile, Tom has bought an engagement ring - and it's quite a nice one (two months salary and all that). He's planning to propose to Sam that night. But unfortunately Paul sees it when Tom's flashes it around to a nosy patient. And then Robyn clocks what's going on...

I know Robyn's supposed to be all bubbly and loveable, but I can't help finding her, well, how can I put this? Very annoying. Never more so than in this episode, where she wastes no time spreading Tom's secret throughout the staff room. First by spilling to Rita ("I'll tell you, but you've got to keep it a secret") then Louise, Noel, Iain, etc, etc.

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Ah yes, Iain. He's unhappy, because he used to date Sam himself, and even shows a rather terrifying devious streak when he gets Sam to admit she and Tom went through a rough patch. And then uses the information against Tom.

"I just wanted to say good luck," he says. "Popping the question."

"How did you know?" replies Tom.

"Just hospital gossip," says Iain. "You know how it is. Sam was telling me about your rough patch - really glad things are working out."

Furious, Tom confronts Sam about it, and then calls off his big dinner. He's even tries to head home, mumbling something about paperwork.

Meanwhile, Jeff has rescued Jake and his family from a afternoon of brutality from Paul and his "friends". Plus, there's a bride on the ward. Helen (Louise Calf) has had an accident. She was even sick on Tom earlier. But now the team have patched her up, helped her into her wedding dress and she's ready to go. But not before she drops an enormous clanger.

"I'm sure you'll look much better in yours," Helen tells Sam. "You've just got engaged haven't you? The nurses were all chatting about it earlier. [A pause.] Oh my god, he hasn't asked you yet has he?"

Nope, and he's just storming out now.

So, the team rally round to trick Tom into the pub, and there's Sam. She's changed faster than Superman in a phone box. She's got champagne and, for some reason, a pizza in a box. The proposal starts in romantic form. "Just shut up and sit down," Sam tells Tom.

Then she gets down on one knee, says something about "how rubbish I am at these things" and moments later Tom says yes. Yes? YES! The crowd peering through the window go wild. Champagne corks pop, there's cheesy slow-mo kissing.

And then the most emotional line of all. "You still smell a little bit like sick," says Sam. Awwww. ROMANCE!

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