C4 in 'fake virgin' claims – Daily TV round-up

Clive Dancey is an actor and not a virgin, it's being claimed

A man who appeared on the Channel 4 show '40-Year-Old Virgins' is a professional actor and not a virgin, it's being claimed. And he's 45.

Clive Dancey, who was described as an IT engineer, appeared on the documentary show saying that he feared intimacy with the opposite sex, and was flown to the US for treatment, where he was shown losing his virginity to 68-year-old sex surrogate Cheryl Cohen-Green.

Viewers were also told that Dancey was brought up a Christian and taught that sex before marriage was wrong.

But it has emerged that he's reportedly appeared in shows including 'Midsomer Murders' and adverts for Stella Artois.

A source told The Sun that 'Clive has had sexual relations in the past and is not the hand-wringing virgin depicted in the show. He’s a good actor and used his skills to full effect'.

“It seems Channel 4 has not been fully transparent about this,” the source added.

Dancey has a profile on the CastingCallPro website, where he also lists jobs including voice overs for the animated series of 'Doctor Who' and various Shakespeare plays.

Speaking to the newspaper about the claims, he said: “Um, yeah, I need to speak to somebody because I’ve been advised not to say anything about that.”

Channel 4 has refuted claims that the show was faked, however.

“Clive considered himself a virgin at the time of filming. While he has had a small number of relationships in the past, with some limited physical contact, none was fully consummated,” said a spokesperson.

“Programme-makers were also aware Clive acted in pantomimes in his spare time. But we strongly refute any allegation the programme is in any way faked.” [The Sun]

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