Breaking Bad: Jesse Pinkman’s top 5 best bits so far

Jesse Pinkman is one half of the meth cooking duo who grace our screens in the now cult TV show 'Breaking Bad' that's all set to air its final episodes in just a few weeks. Pinkman is played by Aaron Paul, who is quite possibly the nicest guy in the entertainment industry right now - just for the record!

Pinkman has had some fantastic, dramatic and often hilarious moments throughout his time on air to date. Here are five of them. Feel free to list your own favourites that I've missed out!

Body in the Bathtub

This is arguably when Breaking Bad really started to come in to its own as must watch TV. After being instructed by his meth cooking pal and science expert Walter White to dissolve Emilio's body in acid in a PLASTIC barrel, Jesse decides to improvise and throws the body in to his bathtub and fills it with acid. It doesn't take long for the whole bath to be completely disintegrated and send a pile of 'dead body gloop' hurtling down through Pinkman's floorboards and through his entire house in a gruesome but memorable, classic scene!

Stranded in the Desert

After learning that he might have less time to live than he'd originally imagined, Walter White tells Jesse that they need to head out in to the desert for two days straight of cooking in the RV. All seems to be going well after the mass cook-off yields them a 42 pounds meth haul, but when the generator dies they're both stranded in the desert in the scorching heat!

Walt manages to finally jump start the generator but when it bursts in to flames, Jesse throws their remaining drinking water supply over it to extinguish the flames. When met by furious anger from Walt, Jessie simply retorts "well excuse me for thinking on my feet!" in true Pinkman style.

Jane's demise

When Jesse and Jane became a couple, we had a rare moment of hope for his character. Could Jane encourage Jesse to stay on the straight and narrow, all in the name of love? Well, it turns out no, not really when she too falls back in to her old habits and the two end up taking drugs together. Jane later dies as Walt watches on, making a conscious decision not to help Jesse's girlfriend as he's out cold in bed beside her and showing us what he's really capable of. Jesse's heartbreak defines his actions throughout the episodes to follow as we learn more about him and how he deals with love, loss and life in general.

It's Jesse, b*%*h!

Jesse Pinkman is famously fond of the word b&%*h! There have been many different youtube compilations of Jesse's quotes using his favourite word in the world on continuous loops that have taken the social media world by storm and everyone frequently quotes them in their facebook statuses and tweets as soon as a new usage of it airs. Some of my favourites were:

Yeah b&%*h! Magnets!

Gatorade me, b&%*h!

This is my own private domicile, b&%*h!

The great train heist

In one of the most thrilling episodes ever, we see Jesse giving everything he's got in order to help pull off the great train heist in which they plan to steal 1000 gallons of methylamine, and replace it with an equal weight in water. Jesse is particularly awesome in this episode as the pressure is on and he doesn't shy away from the job at hand. His reaction to Todd shooting the innocent boy and his face at the time showed that Jesse always has been and maybe always will be, a little bit out of his depth in this whole crazy lifestyle he's living.

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