Booze ads could be banned - Daily TV round up

Iconic booze adverts like those for Guinness could be a thing of the past if new proposals from MPs over alcohol advertising are made law.

A report published today recommends copying French laws, which have banned alcohol advertising on TV, at cinemas and through sponsorship at sporting events.

David Cameron enjoying a pint of Guinness (Credit: Rex)

The Health Select Committee is also suggesting a cigarette-style health warning on alcohol containers to help combat the UK's binge-drinking culture.

Classic ads for the likes of Boddingtons, Fosters, John Smiths and Guinness have long been a part of Britain's TV landscape, but it's claimed that they promote a positive message instead of a cautionary one.

The likes of Peter Kay and Melanie Sykes have starred in TV ads for beer brands, while Fosters has produced a string of comedy adverts over the years.

The French rulings say that alcohol ads can only be shown if it can be proved that 90% of the audience is over 18.

Cinema ads would also be affected.

“Serious consideration should be given to reducing to 10% the proportion of a film’s audience that can be under 18 and still allow alcohol to be advertised, or to prohibiting alcohol advertising in cinemas altogether except when a film has an 18 certificate,” read the report. [The Mirror]