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Were you surprised by the Corrie killer?

So, did you guess who it was then?

Last night 'Coronation Street' viewers finally found out who killed Frank Foster - it were her off 'Duty Free'.

Yes, it was Anne Foster, played by veteran actress Gwen Taylor, who bumped off her nasty rapist of a son by a single blow to the head with a whisky bottle.

It wasn't the longest of soap whodunnits as Frank was only killed a couple of weeks ago and these can run for months.

But it was a juicy plot for the soap that saw the finger of suspicion point at five Weatherfield residents - Carla, Peter, Michelle, Sally and Kevin.

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The clues were all there though from the start that it wasn't going to be any of that lot.

Firstly, 'Corrie' killers are always punished for their crimes and we knew that none of those five actors were set to quit the cobbles.

Keen 'Coronation Street' fans will also have noted that, when initial reports of the storyline emerged, Frank's mother Anne was included in the suspects list but she was hastily removed and didn't feature in more recent publicity about the plot.

There were clues in the show too as devoted mother Anne's attitude towards her son started to change in the run-up to his murder and she finally saw what a nasty piece of work he was.

And following his death, her behaviour became increasingly odd - she even turned up at the factory in no make-up and without having even run a comb through her hair. There was definitely something wrong with this former glamourpuss.

So, was anyone really that shocked when she was unmasked last night?

Probably not, but it was one of the best 'Corrie' episodes for ages as a crazed Anne fled the funeral and attempted to depart Weatherfield for good. Not before she'd left Sally for dead after she accidentally tripped up following Anne's confession that she didn't mean to kill her son.

For a moment we hoped that Anne was set to become 'Coronation Street's next accidental killer (we loved the John Stape plot!) but she was doomed after Carla, and then Kevin, turned up for a knife-wielding climax to the plot.

We'll miss crazy Anne so let's hope she will escape her maximum security lock-up over the coming months and return to terrorise the street. It's been at least six months since the factory has burned down following a hostage ordeal so Carla, you had better double-lock your doors and windows!