The Big Bang Theory: Sheldon & Amy finally kiss!

It had to happen at some point!

COMMENT| Something momentous happened in the most recent 'Big Bang Theory' episode to be broadcast in America.

No, Penny didn't finally land an acting job, instead Sheldon Cooper, television's most famous virgin, finally planted a passionate kiss on his girlfriend of four-years, Amy-Farrah Fowler.

Of course, if you don't want to know about the gory, moist details of their lip locking adventure, you should probably look away now.

In the past, Leonard's inebriated mother has kissed Sheldon, and Amy has even planted a smooch on the celebrated scientist, but what was really ground breaking about her most recent oral romantic entanglement with her beau was that Sheldon actually enjoyed it this time out.

'The Big Bang Theory's' Valentine's Day episode saw Howard and Bernadette double date with Sheldon and Amy, but after Sheldon embarrassed his girlfriend by just talking to a fellow train enthusiast throughout the night, he decides to sarcastically give her the romantic treatment that she strives for.

After drinking wine, which he describes as "grape juice that burns," he then briefly stares into her eyes but immediately ceases when she blinks, before he mushes his lips against hers in an attempt to mockingly kiss her.

However, after a few moments it becomes clear that Sheldon is enjoying it, and their uncomfortable face mashing soon turns into a vibrant kiss that even sees Sheldon place his hand on Amy's hip. What a player. Who knows what the rambunctious horn-dog will get up to next! Let's just hope that he remains grounded now that he is sexually active.

But 'The Big Bang Theory' wasn't done there too, because in the very next scene, Raj, who has been desperately alone for pretty much the entire series, finally got a girl's number! It looks like our boys are finally growing up.

How do you feel about Sheldon and Amy's kiss?

Gregory Wakeman is a Big Bang Theory buff whose favourite character is Sheldon Cooper (obvz) but who also has a soft spot for Stuart too. The loveable loser.

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