The best American sitcom finales ever

How I Met Your Mother’s final season starts next week

COMMENT| 'How I Met Your Mother's' last season has been lavished with critical praise and impressive ratings since it began in the United States last autumn.

The sitcom's final ever episodes will finally start next Thursday on E4, and 'How I Met Your Mother' enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting to discover more about the titular mother to Ted Mosby's future children, who he has longed for since the show's inception.

Along the way Barney will try to get married, Lily and Marshall will decide whether to move to Rome or if he'll take up a position as a judge and Ted will hopefully realise that Robin isn't the one before she exchanges vows with his best-bro.

If 'How I Met Your Mother' can complete these arcs in an amusing, compelling and alluring fashion then its concluding season could be labelled the greatest American sitcom finale of all time.

However, it will have to eclipse these shows to claim the honour:

(Warning, there are major SPOILERS ahead)


Rachel and Ross are now probably the most iconic television couple in the history of the small screen. Admit it, you couldn't help but weep when they finally kissed after Rachel departed her plane bound for Paris to be with the adorable dork.

Yes, it was cosy and way too predictable, but that didn't matter.

We wanted to see Rachel and Ross together, Monica and Chandler with new-born twins, Phoebe happily married to Mike and Joey … well we were just happy that he managed to get out of the house without seriously injuring himself every morning.


The Korean War comedy was brought to an end with a two and a half hour TV movie in 1983 that still remains the highest rated comedy in American broadcast history. In fact, the last ever episode had an astonishing 125 million viewers/

After 11 seasons of laughs and heartache the war finally came to an end, and Alan Alda bid an emotional farewell to the 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital and returned home to American soil.


Before Rachel and Ross there was Sam and Diane. It's a miracle that 'Cheers' managed to survive Shelley Long's departure in season five, but even though Ted Danson enjoyed a brief fling with Kirstie Alley's Rebecca, he never got over his relationship with Diane.

That was until the show's final ever episode when he realised that he couldn't bring himself to move to LA to be with Diane, and instead returned to the Boston watering hole to be with his loveable pals.

'30 Rock'

Despite the fact that Tina Fey's cult comedy only came to its conclusion last year it still deserves to be on my list.

In fact, there's an argument to be made that '30 Rock' is the most consistently funny sitcom to ever be produced and it remained absurd and amusing up until its bizarre, yet incredibly affecting, ending.

What's your favourite ever sitcom finale?

Gregory Wakeman is a television aficionado who believes that The Sopranos is the greatest creation in both film and television history. It transcends brilliance.

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