Ben Fogle hospitalised after being spiked with LSD – Daily TV round-up

Clean-cut presenter became 'a madman' after the drug was put in his drink

Ben Fogle has revealed how he was hospitalised after being spiked with LSD.

The clean-cut TV presenter, who has not taken recreational drugs before, said that he became 'a madman' after it appeared his drink was laced with the hallucinogenic drug at a pub in Gloucestershire last Friday.

Fogle... spiked with LSD while out with friends (Copyright: Rex)

It was once he and his family returned to a friend's house that the drug began to take effect.

“I started feeling hypersensitive and I knew something was wrong. I picked my daughter up and she felt incredibly light, like a grain of rice,” he said.

“I just flipped and had a full on psychotic episode. I was ranting, marching up and down, hitting walls, trying to jump out of windows. My wife ran out and had to get my friends who had to restrain me. It was like having an out of body experience.

“I don’t like using the word, but I was acting like a stereotypical madman. I thought I was doomed, I thought I was going to die.

“My wife and friends kept trying to calm me down as I was threatening to hurt myself. I was 100 per cent out of my normal character.

“I started doing very strange walks, like the Ministry of Funny Walks. It went from scary to comical. I was trying to get into bags.”

Paramedics were called, and he was taken to hospital where he spent 12 hours in A&E having tests and scans.

He's now asked that the person who did it come forward.

“I might stare at you for a while but I would forgive you,” he added. “I just want to know what you put into my drink and into my body.” [Daily Mail]

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