BBC staff to outnumber Team GB - Daily TV round-up

BBC staff sent to 2012 Olympics will outnumber UK athletes

BBC staff will outnumber the athletes on Team GB for the coverage of the Olympic games this summer.

The number of presenting and production staff covering the games comes in at 765, while the total number in Team GB is thought to be around 550.

Overkill... BBC sending more staff to the Olympics than athletes (Copyright: PA)

The BBC's director of London 2012 Roger Mosey has defended the number of staff, adding that the corporation has 'four times as many channels and an extra radio station' than during the last games in Beijing, when 493 staff worked on the coverage.

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“Our American colleagues at NBC have used over 2,800 staff at previous Olympics,” he added.

He also said that staff travelling down from the BBC's new sports department in Salford would be staying in 'low cost, student-type' accommodation when staying overnight in London. [The Sun]

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