Bates Motel Season Two: A roundup of what to expect when the motel re-opens in 2014

Here is a roundup of all of the Season Two spoilers, including casting announcements.

Here in the UK Season One of 'Bates Motel' is still going strong, however plans for Season Two are very much in the forefront of everyone in America's minds as the show finished there a while ago. But what exactly are the plans for season two?

First of all there are spoilers from this point that may ruin Season One for many of you. So if you haven't finished watching Season One and don't want to know anything that happens I would stop reading this! With that warning out of the way I shall move on!

We already know that the infamous fruit cellar from 'Psycho' where Norma Bates inevitably ends up as a stunning piece of taxidermy will be appearing. We've learnt that Freddie Highmore's Norman turns it into his taxidermy studio, and that his passion for stuffing animals will be developed throughout the season, much to his mother's disgust.

But what don't we know? Well here's a handy list of all of the spoilers, rumours and announcements for Bates Motel Season Two.

Norma's brother Caleb
The season one finale brings us the news that Norma's brother Caleb forced her to have sex with him, developing the incestual tones in Norma's relationship with Norman to actual incest. Naturally this means that Caleb will be appearing in Season Two played by 'Sons of Anarchy' star Kenny Johnson. So look out for tense scenes between Vera Farmiga and Johnson.

White Pine Bay's high society

Vera Farmiga's Norma Bates is also set to ingratiate herself more within the community, with a couple of new casting additions being responsible. Rebecca Creskoff will be joining the show as Christine, a prestigious woman who will be Norma's first female friend, and will introduce her to White Pine Bay's upper-class society. Also appearing from the same circle of influence will be Kathleen Robertson's Jodi an attractive, savvy businesswoman and artist, who will do whatever it takes to get what she wants.

Love Interests for the Bates family

All three of the Bates family are set to see their love lives blossom in Season Two. Norma will see Michael Vartan's recent divorcee George make a special connection with her, as well as possible romantic hints between her and Nestor Carbonelli's Sheriff Romero. Norman will meet a small time party girl who shows him how to have a good time in the form of Paloma Kwiatkowski's Codi Brennan. Dylan, on the other hand will see his relationship with existing character Bradley develop with lots of promised sex, surely this will create tension between Dylan and Norman?

In an interview Freddie Highmore says that dressing up as his mother Norma would 'come at some point' which is of course a major part in Norman's development into crazed split personality murderer. He adds that he's constantly checking out Vera's wardrobe thinking "that blouse is good, that blue dress at the start was a good one, I would look good in flowers."

Surprise Twist
Vera Farmiga has teased a surprise twist early on in the season, which is set to follow the aftermath of the events of the Season One finale. She said that as an actress this twist has her 'terrified' adding 'it is a real zoo'. I can only imagine this is part of the 'larger animal' aspect of Norman's taxidermy storyline.

So there you have it, that's a roundup of what to expect for the much anticipated second season of 'Bates Motel'. So if you're watching the first season thinking 'I hope they do the second season as well as this one' it looks like it's very possible!

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