Apprentice star Baggs claims he's 'unemployable' – Daily TV round-up

Contestant who called himself 'The Brand' says the experience was 'horrendous'

Former 'Apprentice' star Stuart Baggs has claimed that he's now unemployable after appearing on the BBC reality show.

Baggs, who referred to himself as 'The Brand', was on the sixth series of the show, and joked while appearing on Sarah Millican's chat show that in terms of jobs he would now 'take anything'.

Baggs... says that he's now unemployable (Copyright: Rex)

The telecoms entrepreneur added that he is now 'the most unemployable person in the whole country', and described the experience of being on the show 'horrendous'.

“When I went on the show I was told by former candidates that I would get lots of job offers,” he said.

“I got none, not one apart from a Channel 5 dating show and then they wouldn't have me because I didn't fit their target demographic - I was a minger!"

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Baggs was known for his cringeworthy catchphrases on the show, which included 'Everything I touch turns to sold' and once remarked 'I’m not a one-trick pony, I’m not a 10-trick pony, I have a whole field of ponies – and they’re literally all running towards this job'.

He was fired by Lord Sugar in week 11, after being told by the non-nonsense Amstrad founder that he was 'full of sh*t'.

Baggs also revealed on the show that he is often to be found in the nude while working at home.

“There's nothing nicer than picking up the phone to someone when you are naked,” he said. “I don't tell [the caller].”

Baggs appears on the Sarah Millican Television Programme tonight at 10pm on BBC Two. [Digital Spy]

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