Annie Lennox to join The Voice? - Daily TV round-up

Annie Lennox is in talks to take up a judging spot on ‘The Voice’, according to reports.

Fresh off the back of her Olympics closing ceremony appearance the BBC are said to have approached Lennox to take up the role.

Annie Lennox at the Olympic Closing Ceremony (Credit: Rex)

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In a move to improve the show’s flagging ratings the national treasure is said to be in the running to join the talent show that’s set to start early next year.

Sources told The Sun: ‘Last year Sir Tom proved that experience really counts and Annie’s got that in spades. She’s not afraid to give an opinion either.’

Lennox would have been a perfect replacement for Tom Jones, who is rumoured to be leaving the show. The star is also signed to Universal, the BBC’s partner for the show, so it seem a deal is on the cards.

However, according to The Mirror The Eurythmics star turned down the role giving her distaste for talent shows as the reason. The paper claims that ‘Annie has been vocal in the past about her distaste for talent show so it would have been somewhat hypocritical to take part.’ [Digital Spy]

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Louis Walsh has taken a swipe at ‘The Voice’ on the eve of ‘The X Factor Launch’. Walsh claimed the ITV1 series is better than the BBC show as it misses a few basic elements in the music industry works. He said, ‘It’s not all about the voice on ‘The X Factor’. It’s about personality and being able to work with people.’ [Digital Spy]

Olympic Rower Mark Hunter is hoping to appear on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’. Hunter, who won silver earlier this month, has revealed reality show offers have already started to come in but none have yet tickled his fancy. He said, ‘...I really enjoy the dancing ones - they are amazing.’ The BBC are said to be currently eyeing up a number of Team GB members for next month’s ‘Strictly’. [The Sun]

A US Court has ruled ‘Desperate Housewives’ star Nicollette Sheridan’s contract was not wrongfully terminated, but the battle is not over yet. Sheridan claimed she was ‘fired mid-season, mid-contract’ after an alleged altercation with runner Marc Cherry. However, the appeals court have declared that she will be allowed to file an amended lawsuit about unsafe working conditions. [E! Online]