Anne Robinson tells women to lose weight to keep their TV jobs – Daily TV round-up

Weakest Link host lets rip with views about women on TV

Anne Robinson has said that if women want to keep their jobs on television, they need to lose weight.

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, the TV host and journalist added she 'can't stand whingeing' and that 'life isn't fair' when it comes to maintaining a career in the media.

“Television is about pretty pictures, if you want to keep your job on telly, lose a stone and get a makeover, it’s as simple as that,” she said.

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“There are a great many issues more pressing in this world than whether Selina Scott has a job.

“Haven’t you noticed how much better Miriam O’Reilly and Arlene Phillips are looking since they were bumped?

“If they’d taken that much care of their appearance in the first place they would probably still be in a job. As for Anna Ford, she’s far too beautiful to get my sympathy.”

Robinson, who has made no secret of having various cosmetic procedures over the years, added that certain women can get away with less focus on appearance if they have particular skills.

“You need to specialise and women who are professional and are characters and have something unique to offer – Mary Berry, Mary Beard, Clarissa Dixon Wright – are still on. They’re just not presenting Strictly with Brucie,” she continued.

“If it became law that a certain proportion of women aged 50 and 60 had to appear on screen, producers would still be 'lookist' about it. Nobody wants to watch Ugly.” [Daily Telegraph]

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