American Horror Story Coven: Four fascinating facts about ‘Coven’

'American Horror Story: Coven' is drawing ever closer to its air date and the buzz surrounding this now cult classic TV show is causing rumours aplenty for fans eager to find out more details about 'Coven' ahead of its arrival. Here are four of the top facts that we know so far regarding 'American Horror Story Coven' and what fans can expect to see when they tune in!

I put a spell on you…

American Horror Story: Coven will of course have witches as its theme! Not just any old witches though, they have been confirmed to be a group of strong and feisty female characters. Ryan Murphy speaks out about Jessica Lange's character, saying: "We do have a great icon, and it's a woman. What season three is about is more historical in nature" but he went on to add "I'm also interested in getting into a horror romance. That's certainly something that's going to be in the water for season three."

Haunted Places

The producers of the show have said that they will once again be searching for haunted places throughout America to film the show. Tim Minear reveals:

"We are absolutely dipping into real things in New Orleans, Marie Laveau and Madame LaLaurie and things like that. Just this week, we shot in a house that's 150 years old. It was actually taken over by the Union Army during the Civil War. And the house still stands. You can't beat that kind of verisimilitude when you are shooting." he added "No, we are not going to be playing up those (New Orleans clichés), because we play up horror clichés instead. There's only room for so many clichés in an hour of television."

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Comedy Value

Things are set to be a whole lot more light-hearted throughout 'American Horror Story: Coven' according to Tim Minear. He revealed: "Last year wasn't a lot of fun. Let's put it that way. And maybe even year one wasn't all that much fun. This year is a drama, but there is a lot of humor, and we are embracing a kind of velocity and fun with the series this year. So it's not the same as it was the last two years, but I think that it might be a little more welcoming to an audience."

Those old familiar faces

Recent casting news has revealed that we can expect to see a whole host of our favourite familiar faces return to 'American Horror Story' along with a few bold new choices of course!

Confirmed recurring favourites so far include: Denis O'Hare, Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Taissa Farmiga, Frances Conroy and Lily Rabe and I'm sure that there are many more still to be confirmed yet! New cast-members include the fantastic Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett and Emma Roberts.

Stay tuned for more 'American Horror Story: Coven' news and info as it is announced, in the thrilling run up to the show's highly anticipated third series.

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