2013 Soaps Preview

It’s almost 2013. A new start. A clean slate. Where bygones will be gone by. Mistakes erased and troubled pasts forgotten. It’s a whole new world. You must be joking. We’re in Soap Land where no crime goes unpunished, every act has a consequence and the slightest wrong step can lead to a lifetime of misery and heartache.

The next twelve months promises some real fireworks – and that’s just fallout from the festive plotlines. We’ve got weddings galore, a couple of deaths, some poisonous problems, families falling apart and a lot for the police to investigate.

Baby shocker: Kylie doesn't know who the daddy is in Corrie (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street
Kylie can’t have expected to sleep with someone at Christmas and get away with it scot-free, can she? Of course she can’t. When the milk tastes funny in the New Year, it sends her running for a pregnancy testing kit and the result is positive. This leads the classy dame to the age-old question  - just who is the daddy? Is it David, who would of course be delighted, or is it her mystery man who will be horrified. And what is she going to do when she finds out?

If Kylie’s relationships are problematic, to say the least, at least they’re not abusive like Tyrone and Kirsty’s. He’s been plotting with Fiz to get her down the aisle so he can get custody of Ruby. But there’s every chance that she has seen through his scheme and has a surprise in store for him.

Of course there’s the mess around Carla, Leanne and Peter. Carla’s got the factory to think of – and it seems even her own brother might have had enough of her. And if Rob turns out to be the kind of man who would turn against his own sister, well, we can think of the perfect partner for him on The Street. Could he get involved with another toxic, trouble-making lady?

Also look out for: More high jinks from Lewis, an unlikely romance amongst two old faces and a new arrival who changes everything for customers at The Rovers.

Deadly secrets: Will Cameron's body count increase in 2013 in Emmerdale? (Credit: ITV)

Events of the fortieth birthday continue to impact life in the Dales. Cameron’s actions might not be uncovered right away but these things can’t stay secret for ever. Chas might be out of jail but  picking up the relationship where it left off might be troublesome, particularly if she’s all on her own as Debbie and the rest of the village hate her guts.

Including of course, Cain. It might be lucky that he’s so caught up in his own troubles caused by his relationship with Moira, that he can’t seek revenge right away for his slighted daughter. But you know that if it comes to a head-to-head between him and Cameron, it won’t end at all well.

David’s fake wedding is really paying off of course, with everyone involved completely heartbroken. The main problem seems to be giving up his pretend son Jacob to be with his real love Priya. And he also might feel something for poor old Alicia who has always loved him. But what’s he supposed to do about any of it. One thing is for certain, he won’t get any sympathy from Eric.

Also look out for: A big year for Belle Dingle, who is going to cause more trouble than you can imagine. Some drug problems from an unexpected route. And Charity getting back up to her old tricks (hurrah!).

Dot dot dot: The matriarch returns to sort out the Brannings in 'Enders (Credit: BBC)


Derek’s death will cast a long shadow – but there’s some good news for the Branning family – Dot’s back! And she’s determined to bring them all together for good.  Obviously she might have her work cut out, particularly if she can’t quite get along with Cora. And then there’s that whole incestuous youngster thing going on, that’s not going to burn out quickly.

Speaking of tormented families – last year was a fairly quiet one (in their own terms) for The Masoods. That can’t happen again – can it? Particularly not with Ayesha showing up and causing instant bother.

Sharon may have ditched Phil for Jack – but Phil’s not going to take that lying down, is he? Unless he’s lying down with a  crack pipe in his hand. And when he wants something, Phil tends to go to any lengths to get them. So there might be trouble on the cards for Lola and Lexi.

Also look out for: A lot of bother for Ray, Denise and Kim. New boy Dexter breaking a few hearts. Poppy and Fat Boy having a little romance?