'Red or Black' to be probed by gambling watchdog – Daily TV round-up

Simon Cowell's ITV gameshow 'Red or Black' is being probed by the gambling watchdog, according to reports.

The Gambling Commission wants changes to the show's format, after they deemed it to be glamorising betting.

It's thought that issues have arisen after four people won £1 million without showing any degree of skill to do so.

A source told The Sun that 'if the Gambling Commission kicks up a big fuss about your show publicly, it is unlikely that you would go ahead with it', adding: “The Commission has concerns the show is glamorising gambling as so many people won £1 million last time and did the best part of nothing to get it.”

The show's first series was plagued by problems including dropping ratings and one of its winners Nathan Hageman turning out to have been jailed for beating up a woman. [The Sun]

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