'Come Dine With Me' voiceover man Dave Lamb dropped from Waybuloo after complaints

Makers of Cbeebies’ show 'Waybuloo' have been forced to make a u-turn after receiving thousands of complaints about its new voiceover.

The overhaul of the children’s show had only been place for 24 hours before parents began to signal their anger over 'Come Dine With Me' voiceover man Dave Lamb having been brought in to narrate the programme.

They were also angry that the popular show, featuring yoga-loving creatures called Piplings, had been shortened.

150 complaints were made to the BBC through official channels, while 1,000 people made their opinions known on the Cbeebies’ website. Others flooded parenting websites and Twitter with complaints.

It was hoped that Lamb, who also voices kids' show ‘Gory Games’, might broaden the appeal of the show to older children, but it appears to have backfired spectacularly.

One parent said: “What have you done? My 18-month-old just sat there looking confused and unhappy.
“You had a very good enjoyable show and have completely ruined it by adding a narrator that isn’t needed, and slicing the show time in half. What were you thinking?”

A BBC spokesperson said: “We appreciate all the comments we’ve received on the new format for ‘Waybuloo’. We’ve listened to the feedback and have decided to revert to the original format for the show in the ‘Bedtime Hour’ going forward.” [Daily Mail]

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